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Open Source Task Management for Android.

OpenTasks respects your privacy

OpenTasks keeps your data private. See the OpenTasks Privacy Policy for further information.


OpenTasks is open

OpenTasks is not only Open Source software. By design, 3rd party apps can access all data in OpenTasks, given you’ve granted them the required permissions.


OpenTasks is built on Open Standards

OpenTasks is built on the iCalendar VTODO task model as per RFC 5545.


Support OpenTasks

OpenTasks is 100% free software. You can download, modify, install, build and use it at no costs. Development, however, comes at a cost. We love working on OpenTasks. Yet, paid work often distracts us from working on it.

By sending us a small amount via PayPal or Bitcoin you allow us to spend more time working on OpenTasks and making it even better.

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